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Relax and detoxify with the ultimate facial.

5-star Astrodome Oxygen Facial™ with LED + NIR, Radio Frequency + Microcurrent

115 minutes or 75 minutes (see below)

We start with a luxurious cleansing facial massage followed by skin exfoliating enzymes. Next, Radiofrequency therapy is used to tighten the skin, while Microcurrent lifts and tones. Both treatments stimulate collagen and elastin production.

Following the lifting, toning and tightening, the Astrodome™ Oxygen Bubble and LED light relaxes and detoxifies your skin inside and out. It separates the nitrogen, and pumps 90% oxygen through the dome to be absorbed by your skin. It helps fight against free radicals, balance the skin’s pH and repair damaged cells. Negative ions are effectively used to clean the air of allergens, pollen, mold spores, bacteria, and more. As a result, acne-causing bacteria are destroyed, collagen production is stimulated, nutrient intake is supported, and the tone and texture of the skin is significantly improved.

LED is renowned for improving blood flow, stimulating the production of energy within cells and helps decrease inflammation The benefits are calming, anti-bacterial/inflammatory, and collagen supporting. Additionally, Near Infrared (NIR) Technology allows for deeper penetration and activates mitochondria to generate ATP- more energy in the cell. We finish your Astrodome 5-Star facial experience with a concentrated vitamin cocktail serum spray specific for you.

5-star Astrodome Oxygen Facial™

75 minutes 

Advanced oxygen technology from Korea gives you the ultimate facial experience for all skin types including sensitive and compromised. Oxygen helps bring life into the cell, purifies and stimulates metabolism and boosts skin's immune system. The dome is relaxing and you feel revived. Your skin is brightened, and collagen boosted. It’s antibacterial properties aid in wound healing, sebum reducing and balances the pH of the skin.